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Home - ASP, .NET, C#, HTML and other tutorials

Home - ASP, .NET, C#, HTML and other tutorials


Find where your site is displayed in Google

Enter in a key phrase and your url and see the position of your web site in the Google Search results.

C# Programming Tutorials

This set of free tutorials covers the C Sharp programming language. The tutorials include a number of example code projects which can be downloaded.

XML and HTML Site Map Generator

thesitemapper is a Windows application that crawls your web sites and creates an XML site map and HTML site map. The XML site map is compatible with search engines such as Google and is intended to help them index your site. thesitemapper will automatically ftp the results to your web site and ping the search engines. It creates a number of reports identifying such things as page errors and if a page has Google Anaytics code on the page.

Book shop - programming

This book shop lists a number of programming books which are suitable for ASP.Net, Javascript and PHP programming.

Web site design tutorials and reference material

This series of free tutorials covers basic HTML concepts, tables, and frames, an introduction to Dreamweaver and using CSS. It also provides tutorials on site design and maintenance, and includes general reference material of use during site design and development.

ASP code examples and tutorials

Read articles covering ASP (Active Server Pages) and Javascript and download the source code. There are a number of tutorials in this section including 'using MS Access queries with ASP', and 'using SQL Server queries and ASP'. All these scripts are free to download.

ASP .NET applications

The ASP .NET applications include two which provide search engine functions. One is a crawler, indexer and search engine for use with medium sized web sites. The other is a simpler search engine and is more useful on smaller web sites.

All the programs are written in VB .NET and require a Microsoft .Net enable web server.

PHP script examples and tutorials

Various articles and tutorials on PHP scripting.

Visual Basic programming examples

These articles include components for reading a remote URL web page and an ftp program which I use for transferring batches of files to and from a web server.

All the source code in VB6 is available for download and you are free to use or modify as you see fit.


This area illustrates some simple free Javascript programming which I have used in conjunction with ASP pages. There is probably nothing here which can't be found in many books, but you may find something of interest.

Creating a printer friendly page with CSS

This illustrates a method of using a second stylesheets to create a printer friendly version of a page. The advantage with this method is that no server side processing is required.

A simple Macromedia Flash slideshow

Macomedia Flash has much better scripting language than the early version. This example shows how to use an external xml file to identify graphic images which are then loaded into the Flash application.

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