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Web Site / Server Monitor

TheSiteMonitor - Free Web Site / Server Monitor


thesitemonitor is a free Windows application that is able to ping defined hosts and to check if a web page is available. Text report files are created in .csv format which can then be imported into Excel if you wish to create Excel reports.

The application requires .net 4 Framework installed on your computer.

To check if you have Framework 4 on your computer, you can use dotnet.exe which you can download from here.

At the moment the application is free to download and free to use.

thesitemonitor features :

  • define a host and ping the host at defined intervals
  • define a web page and check if the web page exists by testing for the existance of a phrase on the page
  • email any failure to a defined email address
  • includes a console version which may be run using the Windows Task Scheduler

Check the URL of sites

The url of the web page is defined together with a phrase that exists on the web page. At predefined intervals, the web page is grabbed by thesitemonitor, and the text is searched for the given phrase.

If you set up an email address, an email will be sent out to indicate a problem when the phrase is not found on the page.

You could create a special web page specifically for this purpose. Create a page and add a phrase to it, then upload it to your web site. Using a special page will mean that it will not be counted in any statistics such as Google Analytics, that you may be using and it should be quicker for the thesitemonitor to grab the page.

Ping sites

The ping system will run at defined intervals. Each time it runs, it pings the host 4 times and then averages the reply time. If all 4 pings should fail, it flags the failure in the database. If it fails 3 times in succession, it sends an email if the email address is set up.

The time details are saved to a csv file which you can use to monitor changes in response from your server.

Time interval

If you are using the Windows application, the base timer interval is 1 minute. You set an interval count and each minute the application increments the count. When the count number reaches the interval count, the application pings the site and checks the url of the web page.

For the console version, create a scheduled task to run at 1 minute intervals (or some other appropriate interval). 1 minute will then be the defined interval. The console application runs every minute and increments a counter. When the counter reaches the interval count, the application will then ping the defined site.


.Net 4 framework

To check what versions of dot net you have on your computer, you can use the dotnet.exe file that you can download from here. This program will display the dot net versions on your computer.


thesitemonitor has two versions : a Windows version which allows you to set up the underlying database, and a console version which can be used as a scheduled application.

For the windows version, these are the required files :

thesitemonitorWin.exe The executable
thesitemonitorClassLib.dll The class library
thesitemonitorWin.exe.config The configuration file
thesitemonitor.mdb The database

For the console version, (use with windows schedular), these are the required files :

thesitemonitorCon.exe The executable
thesitemonitorClassLib.dll The class library
thesitemonitorCon.exe.config The configuration file
thesitemonitor.mdb The database

Set up

The application should work without any changes to the configuration file.

These are the values in the thesitemonitorWin.exe.config and thesitemonitorCon.exe.config which can be changed using a text editor.

pg_databasesql Set to false. Defines the database type which at the moment will only be MS Access.
pg_databasename Defines the name of the access database.
pg_version The current version.
pg_csvtextfilename Defines the name of the csv text file for recording the events.
pg_csvtextfilecreate Defines if the text file will be created or not.


    <!-- Set to true if you are using SQL Server as the databaase -->
    <add key="pg_databasesql" value="false"/>

    <!-- The name of the access database - normally thesitemonitor.mdb -->
    <add key="pg_databasename" value="thesitemonitor.mdb"/>

    <!-- The current version of the application -->
    <add key="pg_version" value="1.00"/>

    <!-- Defines the filename of the csv file -->
    <add key="pg_csvtextfilename" value="file"/>

    <!-- Set to true if you want the csv file to be created -->
    <add key="pg_csvtextfilecreate" value="true"/>