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ASP .Net Scripts and Examples

ASP .Net Scripts and examples


A VB.Net webcrawler, indexer, and search engine software

searchdb is an ASP.NET search engine written in VB.NET. It crawls and indexes a web site placing the indexed words into a database. The search engine page searches the database displaying the results as a list of urls with title and extract in a similar format to popular internet search engines such as Google.

The system is written in VB .NET and runs on a .Net enabled server and may use either Microsoft Access or SQL Server, although it should work with other databases, providing a connection string can be created.

The search engine spider is quite fast and flexible with a number of set up parameters accessible via a set of password protected displays.

A free trail version is available. Click here for pricing of the registered version.

A simple search engine to spider your site

This is a personal site search engine utilizing .net programming.

The ASP .Net program provides a simple solution to searching your web site when your site is installed on an .Net enabled server. I have not tried the program on a large site but it it works well on relatively small sites. The program is written in VB .Net.

The search engine does not maintain an index of any kind and so there may be a reduction in speed for sites of more than a few hundred web pages. The results are displayed in a form similar to popular internet search engines such as Google.

The program is available as a free download and includes full source code.