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ASP Scripts and Examples

ASP Scripts and examples


Using queries with ASP and MS Access databases

A subject which is not often covered is the use of Queries in MS Access databases which can provide a more re-usable approach to Active Server Pages (ASP) programming instead of continuously generating long and complex SQL query strings. This article provides samples and code.

Using queries with ASP and SQL Server

Stored procedures can add functionality when working with ASP. This example illustrates how to use a procedure with an input parameter and to return a parameter.

Creating a combo list with ASP

ASP can be used to automatically fill a drop down list extracting the details from a database. Javascript can then be used to action an on change event to provide an easy to use interface. This article provides sample code and methods in creating a drop down list box using an Access database.

Using Graphic Buttons with ASP

The appearance of Submit buttons can be improved by adding in graphics. We can use this with ASP to identify which button has been selected.

Data connections

Creating database connection strings for use in asp or .net programming is made easy using a udl file. This enables you to create and test connections with a simple interface and then extract the database connection string.

Reading a remote URL using ASP

This provides a way to read a remote URL using asp code. This can be used for screen-scraping techniques.

Uploading files to a server

Uploading files is often a function that is required, enabling a user to upload graphics to a web server without FTP access. This code only uses ASP with no dll components to register on the server.